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Genoptic is a research and development firm specializing in nano-optoelectronics. We provide a technological advancements in industries such as; Lighting & Display, Solar Energy, Medical Device, Indoor Agriculture, and for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Through innovation, we strive to make the world a better place, by developing and integrating smart and efficient electronic solutions to improve our way of life.

nanoGen microchips

Performance built in

Smart IC Power Chips are used in all of our products, for power optimization, and have many uses beyond our product lines. The Smart IC Power Chips can be licensed and sold separately to manufacturers from a wide variety of industries and applications.

Genoptic LED Sign Solutions

Bright Solutions
for Bright Messages

Genoptic, utilizing advanced nano-technologies, has integrated its advanced Smart IC Power Chip solution to combine; power circuitry, RF communication, and control system into a single integrated circuit microchip. The advanced chip fully eliminates the need for LED drivers and MOSFETs, for dimming purposes, due to its multi-output structure, which independently controls each LED. This low-cost solution improves efficiency, increases power density, enhances reliability, and simplifies thermal management.

Genoptic Solar Technologies

Bright Solutions
for Solar Power

Genoptic has developed its proprietary Solar Energy Capture System, which integrates Solar Harvesting, Housing, Inverter, Converter & Energy Storage System (Battery) – ALL IN ONE.

Horticultural Lighting Solutions

Bright Solutions to
Assist Mother Nature

Genoptic’s Indoor Grow LED technology will lead the light industry beyond optimized efficiency, as our Smart IC Power Chip technology will also be capable of gathering feedback from the actual crop or plant, which will be used to optimize the auto-programmable illumination recipes, and maximize photosynthesis.

Industrial Lighting solutions

Bright Solutions
from Bright Ideas

Genoptic’s advanced miniaturized distributed power solution is a suitable design option for a wide range of customers and products. For example, Hybrid Street lights, which charge on solar power, and use our smart technology to match the power output needs with the available battery power, will minimize energy output.