Genoptic LED, Inc., is a Canadian firm that has developed and maintains an extensive IP portfolio of a game-changing sophisticated IC Smart Controller Chip Technology, QuantumDot Display and Solar Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Vertical Integrations with Multiple Technologies capable of bringing smart applications to the LED Systems industry and beyond. It’s initial focus is to design, manufacture and service our core businesses with its smart chip technologies and then to further sub-license or jointly develop its Smart-Chip and other technologies into other applicable applications and industries.

The Company’s four core businesses are:

  • LED Advertising Display Solutions 
  • Commercial & Industrial Lighting Solutions 
  • Solar Power Generation Solutions, 
  • Agricultural Indoor Light Solutions

Genoptic, through its Genoptic Smart Displays subsidiary, has a decade long history of successfully developing various large accounts, including Fortune-500 firms, for its LED advertising digital displays. It has recently negotiated and secured a couple of very large exclusive purchase agreements from a multi-billion-dollar franchise corporation and a major fast- food corporation.

Genoptic is already housing one of the leading Nano/R&D Laboratory and Manufacturing Facilities, in Canada. It plans to accelerate the global expansion of its technology and solutions, through; IP licensing and sales, while heavily re-investing into its research opportunities, the development of government sponsored R & D Grants, and through Strategic Partnerships.

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Toll-free Phone: 1 (866) 989-7446

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6000 72 Avenue SE, Suite #18
Calgary, AB T2C 5C3